Which whitening beauty instrument is the boss_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Which whitening beauty instrument is the boss_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Which whitening beauty instrument is the boss_Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

As the saying goes, one white covers three ugliness", how many girls like their skin to be smooth and tender, whitening items are a must for beauty salons Yes, it is necessary to use whitening, let’s take a look at the list of beauty salon whitening equipment compiled in Beijing today!

Leaderboard one pair system Phototherapy skin beauty instrument AS-825

Function: span>Quick hair removal, freckle removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, mole removal, eyebrow washing, whitening.

AS-825 is a dual-screen dual-system opt multifunctional beauty instrument, also known as a four-in-one opt beauty instrument. It is the most cost-effective beauty equipment in the beauty market.

AS-825 is a beauty instrument that integrates the most popular facial care items, and integrates the most cutting-edge OPT skin rejuvenation in the field of medical beauty , RF skin tightening and YAG laser beauty is a multi-functional beauty instrument integrating three core technologies. Combining a variety of energies, it fully exerts the efficacy of light energy, bipolar radio frequency and laser, and the clinical effect is remarkable; it has been proved that it can be safely and effectively applied to skins of different skin types and colors.

At the same time, it adopts the most cutting-edge technology in the field of optical beauty to effectively solve the two major problems faced by traditional optical hair removal: slow speed and pain; truly painless , Fast hair removal, bringing revolutionary changes in optical hair removal, allowing beauty lovers to fully enjoy the relaxed and comfortable hair removal process.

Second black on the leaderboard Porcelain glare skin beauty instrument J-258

Function: span>Whitening, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, tattoo removal, eyebrow washing.

J-258, also known as black face doll laser beauty instrument, is a whitening instrument strongly recommended by Big S. The black face doll laser beauty instrument adopts the "Q-switching" mode of gemstones ("Q-switching" of the domestic dye box), which uses laser to instantly emit high energy to effectively crush and remove the pigment in the diseased tissue. That is, the principle of light blasting: the high energy gathered by the laser is emitted instantaneously, so that the laser with a fixed wavelength penetrates the epidermis instantly in a very short time (only 6ns gem movement)When it reaches the diseased tissue, it quickly crushes the corresponding color base, and the corresponding pigment group expands and bursts instantly when it is heated. A part of the pigment group (superficial epidermis) immediately pops out of the body, and a part of the pigment group (in the basal tissue) breaks into pieces that can be absorbed by macrophages in the human body. The fine particles phagocytized by cells are digested by macrophages and finally excreted through the lymphatic system in the human body. The pigment of the diseased tissue will gradually fade until it disappears, while the surrounding normal skin tissue will not form any pigment because it does not absorb laser light of a fixed wavelength. damage.

Ranking Three OPT Light therapy skin beauty instrument A5

Function: span>Quick hair removal, skin rejuvenation, whitening, firming, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, acne removal, acne removal, redness removal.

A5 is also called opt freezing point hair removal, perfect pulse opt. The opt phototherapy skin beauty instrument uses soft pulse technology to achieve a constant temperature of minus 17 degrees Celsius on the contact surface through a unique sapphire light-emitting window and a powerful refrigeration system. The perfect combination of the two technologies ensures safety and painlessness. And the hair removal spectral range of the wide spectrum system is extended to 600-1200 nanometers.

So far, the above is the entire content of "Beauty Salon Whitening Instrument Ranking", if you are interested in our products and projects or have optical For any questions about beauty equipment, you can consult online or contact Beijing, we will serve you wholeheartedly in the first time!

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