[Japanese Beauty Instrument] Lazy women can also be beautiful. 10 must-buy household beauty instrume

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[Japanese Beauty Instrument] Lazy women can also be beautiful. 10 must-buy household beauty instruments are recommended-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

[Japanese Beauty Instrument] Lazy women can also be beautiful. 10 must-buy household beauty instruments are recommended-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

When you come to Japan, we will recommend the household high-tech you must buyBeauty Instrument. In addition to introducing your "beauty introduction device", small bubble", facial massage device" and other equipment, I also want to tell you the price of each product and where to buy it. Let us read it together!

I believe anyone who has visited drugstores in Japan will know how easy it is to visit. In addition to and hairdressing products, it is also health care products or weight loss equipment. However, modern people pay attention to efficient maintenance, which has also brought about an upsurge of beauty and body appliances. With some new technology of beauty and body equipment, the actual effect of maintenance can be achieved with half the effort. In addition, many of them are made in Japan, so the quality is quite good, and the quality is guaranteed. In this article, we recommend several types of beauty and body shaping equipment, so that the products can be compared according to your own needs. Whether it is a holiday gift or a general gift, it is very suitable, giving you a full lazy bag.


First of all, let’s introduce MTG’s “Multifunctional Wave Light Beauty Instrument” (MTG ReFa CAXA Ray). The reason why this beauty instrument was first used as a pioneer is because it won the first place in the best beauty tool in the first half of 2018. The main function of these beauty instruments is to lift our facial muscles and improve our facial expression muscles. We all know that facial muscles are the same as body muscles, as long as they are not used or massaged, they will become loose. When the muscles degenerate, they will loosen and sag with the force of gravity. And this beauty instrument has micro-current, which can enhance the lifting effect, and because it is waterproof, it can also be used in the shower.

Product name (Japanese): ReFa リファカッサレイ

■Product Name (Chinese): Lifa Multi-functional Wave Light Beauty Instrument

Manufacturer: MTG

■Reference price: 23,800 yen (excluding tax)


Do you feel that after 20 years oldAfter that, the collagen seems to start to decrease obviously? Collagen begins to decrease, which means the face begins to sag. In addition, if you use a computer or mobile phone for a long time, even young people will have a sagging face. This MTG "Rhythm Point Pressure Roller Massager" (MTG ReFa RHYTHM) is a beauty device that can help you improve the above problems. It can not only promote the blood circulation of the face, but also lift the sagging facial muscles due to relaxation. Because it is waterproof, you can massage the facial muscles while taking a bath, or you can strengthen the massage on the facial muscles of the masticatory muscles, which will have a very good improvement effect. It is a special facial beauty instrument. [!--分页符--]

 Product Name (Japanese):ReFa リファリズム
 Product name (Chinese): Li Fa Rhythm Point Pressure Roller Massager
 Manufacturer:< span style="font-size:10.0pt;font-family:" color:#222222;">MTG
  Reference price:  28,800円(excluding tax)< /span>

HITACHI HITACHI Cold and Heat Export and Import Moisturizing Beauty Instrument CM-N50000

In the past, people always said "there are no ugly women, only lazy ones". However, in this era of ever-changing technology, there are indeed some beauty equipment that can help us maintain twice the result with half the effort. That's right, that's this "Hitachi HITACHI Hot and Cold Export and Import Moisturizing Beauty Instrument CM-N50000". Needless to say, everyone should know about Hitachi's beauty equipment. It can introduce beauty ingredients into the bottom layer of the skin, strengthen moisturizing and lock water, and achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin. The function of alternating hot and cold can also make the skin firmer, and the water retention of the skin will be greatly improved after each use.

 Product name (Japanese): Moisturizing サポート器 (CM-N5000)
 Product name (Chinese): hot and cold export and import moisturizing beauty instrument CM-N50000
 Manufacturer: HitachiHITACHI
  Reference price:  25,000円(excluding tax)< /span>

Panasonic Thermal Ion Beauty Device EH-ST86

The next one is also a lot of users, that is "Panasonic Warming Ion Beauty Instrument EH" endorsed by Mizuhara Kiko -ST86". Last year or more, it won the first place in the "2018 Best Skin Care Beauty Introduction Device Category" selected by the well-known Japanese beauty magazine "VOCE". I don't know if you have such experience, that is, you are very serious about maintenance and applying skin care products, but you feel that the skin has not absorbed it? In fact, sometimes the molecules of maintenance ingredients are too large, and it is indeed difficult to absorb them. At this time, the beauty equipment allows the maintenance ingredients to penetrate into the stratum corneum of the skin to achieve the maximum effect of the skin care products. In addition, it does not need to change pressure, so it can be used anywhere, wherever it is taken, and wherever it is used, it can make the skin watery and translucent at any time. [!--分页符--]

 Product name (Japanese): Import beauty device イオンエフェクター  EH-ST86
 Product Name (Chinese): Warm Ion Beauty Instrument EH-ST86< /span>
 Manufacturer:Panasonic Lesheng Brand 
  Reference price:  23,020Yen (excluding tax)

Fir Stman led beauty mask

After introducing several facial beauty instruments, I would like to recommend a special eye-"Fir Stman led beauty mask". Sometimes when we use 3C products for a long time, or stay in an air-conditioned room for too long, the face will become very dry, and fine lines will appear as soon as it dries. At this time, you can use this led beauty mask to relax. Many people like steam masks, but this red and blue light is very detailed, and the light can be set, while the red light massages, while the blue light tightens the skin. have fine lines or wrinklesIt is very suitable for people who are born in a hurry. It is also recommended to apply cream before use to increase absorption.

 Product name (Chinese): Firstman led beauty mask 
 Manufacturer: Visman brand 
  Reference price:  21,880円(excluding tax)

FOREO LUNA2 Soothing Cleansing Massager

The next cleansing and massage instrument to be introduced, I admit that at the beginning, I was not optimistic about it. Because the general facial cleansing instruments are of the brush type, the cleaning effect is very good, so it is suitable for "FOREO Luna LUNA2 Cleansing and Soothing Cleansing Massager” remains skeptical. However, this skeptical attitude did not last long, and after I used it, the whole situation changed drastically. First of all, because it is not a general type of brush, it will relatively reduce the damage to the skin. And it can also use ultrasonic vibration to greatly improve the cleaning power. It can not only clean the dirt and skin oil in the pores, but also gently exfoliate the dead skin and metabolize the stratum corneum. If you don't like the face washing equipment of ordinary brushes, you can try this one. [!--分页符--]

 Product Name (Japanese):FOREO LUNA2
 Product name (Chinese):FOREO LunaLUNA2 < /span>Clear and Soothing Cleansing Massager
  Reference price:  26,000円(excluding tax)< /span>

YA-MAN Ice Hot Skin Beauty Bar

Perhaps the next beauty instrument, less people will have heard of it, but it is very well-known in Japan, that is "YA-MAN Yaman Ice Hot Skin Beautifying Bar Beauty Instrument". In addition to its general cleansing and moisturizing functions, this one has the functions of cold compress and hot compress, which can achieve the effect of firming the skin and making the skin elastic. And its hot compress effect can also be used around the eyes, which can relieve the tiredness of the eyes caused by using 3C products. But I want to say in particular that its cleansing effect is really good. Even after washing the face, it can still be cleaned again, taking away all the dirt in the pores and shrinking the pores.

 Product Name (Japanese):H/Cボーテ フェイスV ローションパ
 Product Name (Chinese): Ice Hot Skin Beautifying Bar Beauty Instrument
  Reference price:  25,000円(excluding tax)< /span>

Panasonic Nano Steam Facial Steamer EH-SA99

[!--分页符--]At first, I wanted to say that there is no need to introduce Panasonic’s face steamer, because it is so popular, no one should know about it! However, I feel that I am sorry for not introducing myself. Facial steamers were also popular in Taiwan in the early days, and I used them. However, because the product design was not thorough enough, I was often scalded by the hot water sprayed out, so I was afraid to use it for a while. However, after the launch of the "Panasonic Nano Steam Beauty Facial Steamer EH-SA99", I fell in love with steaming my face again. It uses steam to open the pores, in addition to sweeping away the remaining dirt in the pores, it also uses the warm-cold beauty principle of heat expansion and contraction to increase the elasticity of the skinSex and gloss. After steaming the face, apply skin care products immediately, which can also increase the absorption effect!

 Product name (Japanese): スチーマー ナノケア EH-SA99
 Product name (Chinese): Nano steam facial steamer EH- SA99
 Manufacturer:Panasonic Lesheng Brand 
  Reference price:  32,360円(excluding tax)< span style="font-size:10.0pt;font-family:" color:#222222;">

YA-MAN Cyclone Roller

Next, I will introduce YA-MAN's "Beautiful Cyclone Roller", which is a beauty massage device. . As mentioned earlier, in addition to promoting the blood circulation of the face, more massage can also lift the sagging facial muscles due to relaxation. In addition to massaging and lifting facial muscles, this "beautiful whirlwind roller" can also be used on other parts, such as legs, head, shoulders and neck muscles, to promote blood circulation and improve body curves. Its design allows you to use it very hard, and you won't feel more tired when you run out. It's also fully waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

 Product Name (Japanese):RFボーテ トルネードRFローラー< span style="font-size:10.0pt;font-family:" color:#444444;">
 Product name (Chinese):YA-MAN Yaman beauty-shaped whirlwind roller
  Reference price:  34,000円(excluding tax)< /span>

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