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What is the actual effect of RET radiofrequency fat melting and slimming-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

What is the actual effect of RET radiofrequency fat melting and slimming-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

RET radiofrequency fat-melting method is a recently produced method of losing weight, which can perform radiofrequency fat-melting on any part of the body. For example, in addition to removing butterfly sleeves, elephant legs, kettle waist, etc., RET radiofrequency fat-melting method can not only remove weight loss, but also remove cellulite in the body.

RET radiofrequency lipolysis surgery is assisted by radio frequency technology to dissolve and attract locally accumulated fat. Due to the effect of radio frequency technology, the fat cell membrane ruptures, carbonizes, and fat droplets overflow. A special radio frequency optical fiber is inserted into the fat layer in the body. The computer controls the output of radio frequency light waves to decompose and melt the fat cells and excrete them as liquid fatty oil. , to achieve the purpose of treatment. Radiofrequency lipolysis uses moderate energy, the longer the time, the greater the damage to the accumulated fat and the higher the effect.

Compared with the traditional liposuction method, the radio frequency in the "radiofrequency lipolysis" operation has no damage to the local skin, because the optical fiber of the radio frequency technology is very thin, the damage to the tissue is less during suction, the pain is mild, and the radio frequency optical fiber also has a hemostatic effect . There is less bleeding and the effect of dissolving fat is very good. Fast postoperative recovery, good skin retraction, satisfactory appearance, no rebound, no complications, it is a safe and effective new weight loss method.

Radiofrequency fat-melting weight loss process

1. Health check: after undergoing radiofrequency meltingBefore the fat-melting project, perform routine health checks such as ultrasound and electrocardiogram. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease are taboos for radiofrequency fat-melting projects, and then measure your fat thickness. People with a subcutaneous fat thickness of more than 1cm are suitable for radiofrequency lipolysis. If the subcutaneous fat thickness is less than 1cm, it is recommended to rely on diet and exercise for regular weight loss.

2. Slimming curve: The doctor shapes the patient according to the human body structure and proportion, and draws the position where the fat should be subtracted, so that a satisfactory slimming effect can be obtained after the fat is dissolved.

3. Fat dissolving process: About 15 minutes of cold radio frequency optical fiber irradiation is all concentrated on the previously drawn weight loss circle. There is no need to worry about aches and pains like liposuction. The patient can also close their eyes and rest for a while.

4. Negative pressure drainage after radiofrequency: After radiofrequency, the solid fat in the corresponding parts of the body is dissolved, and the body itself can absorb less than 200ml of fat, and oil greater than this amount can be excreted through negative pressure drainage. In the part that needs to reduce fat, the surrounding hidden position should be covered with a 0.3 cm diameter needle to suck out the fat, so as not to damage the image.

Radiofrequency fat-melting weight loss effect

"Radiofrequency fat melting" is suitable for weight loss in all parts of the body, especially the local dense fat accumulation. This kind of fat accumulation is relatively dense, and it is difficult to absorb it with the usual negative pressure suction method. Therefore, radio frequency fat melting can simply dissolve fat and attract fat. out of the body.

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