What to do about sagging face? Home RF beauty instrument to help you-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equip

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What to do about sagging face? Home RF beauty instrument to help you-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

What to do about sagging face? Home RF beauty instrument to help you-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Having exquisite facial features and a small face must be the ultimate goal of every girl, but after entering the age of 25, the skin condition deteriorates and the facial muscles begin to relax Sagging, the situation is even worse for people with bowed heads. There are many face-lifting exercises and skin-tightening methods in the market, all of which are to prevent the face from sagging. Among them, home RF beauty equipment is also the choice of maintenance for every girl.

The cause of sagging face

There are many causes of facial sagging, and the most common phenomenon after stepping into 25+ is the loss of subcutaneous fat or skin dehydration. The muscles that support the skin are slack, using the mobile phone for a long time, and often looking down at the facial expressions will increase the relaxation of the face.

Sagging skin and sagging facial muscles are both signs of aging. Although both can appear on the face at the same time, But these two kinds of aging phenomena actually use skin care maintenance methods will bevery different.

Among them, the RF wave lifting beauty device can achieve the effect of firming the skin, and can also increase the collagen in the cortex to reduce the age of the face. Tighten the flesh around the mouth that tends to look old and fade away the nasolabial folds.

The third-generation RF radio frequency technology can effectively promote the proliferation of collagen, so that the skin can regain firmness and elasticity, and can effectively Dilute all kinds of fine lines and wrinkles, keep young and youthful.

After the trial of RF electric wave skin-lifting beauty instrument:

▲RF radio wave facelift beauty instrument

According to the usage method in the manual, first use the warm Apply the special nutrient solution on the face, and then apply continuous circles on individual parts After 20 minutes of massage, the skin will turn red due to the heat from the machine head, but the editor with sensitive skin has not experienced any sensitive reaction, which is very commendable.

The next morning, the skin became more translucent and lustrous. As for the firming effect, the effect is not obvious after just using it for a few days , but obviously less edema in the morning.

Radar Line Engraver II

▲Radar Line Engraving Instrument II

Using European and American innovative RF technology, it can increase skin radiance, delicate and firm skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores and help skin redness. Precious 24K gold plating can promote skin collagen production, And helps reduce redness.High-tech radar thread engraver is the same as ordinary bipolar is different, the radar line engraving instrument uses 4 contact heads to provide more effective radio frequency energy. In addition, a special eye contact head is specially designed.

Vertical photodynamic skin beauty instrument

▲Vertical photodynamic skin beauty instrument

Integrates radio frequency thermal energy technology (RF), radio frequency pulse technology, and oxygen injection technology in one machine, and cooperates with low power and high frequency RF radio frequency , can focus on the dermis where collagen is located, awaken cell power, use it every morning and evening to effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and fight against skin problems such as sagging, dull, dry and dehydrated skin. OtherIt can output 100,000 cycles of micro-current per second and release high content of oxygen to massage the skin without interruption to improve blood circulation. At the same time, it can recover pores, smooth fine lines and revitalize the skin.

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