Beauty equipment is on fire, can traditional methods still be used-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipme

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Beauty equipment is on fire, can traditional methods still be used-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beauty equipment is on fire, can traditional methods still be used-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Now, if beauty parlors do not introduce individual scientific and technological beauty machines, it seems difficult to survive in the industry. Looking at the sites of major beauty fairs, there are a large number of various scientific and technological beauty machines, accounting for half of the country .

High-tech cosmetology is undoubtedly the major trend and development direction in the future, but after beauty salons introduce scientific and technological cosmetology equipment, will they abandon the original traditional methods?

Technology beauty equipment has various functions, and some are powerful. Compared with traditional methods, technology beauty equipment not only does not need to invest a lot of labor costs, but also the effect appears quickly. Considering this situation, many traditional beauty institutions are now beginning to change , a lot of admiration is that the "new generation" of beauty salons represented by cutting-edge, high-tech, and cool beauty equipment has begun to emerge.

Unlike traditional beauty shops that are dominated by technology, they focus on beauty equipment projects as the main source of funds, hoping to break out of the cocoon and reborn. So, who will be the ultimate winner in this competition of traditional skills and beauty equipment?

Beauty equipment has become a powerful "sword" to break the ice in the operation of beauty salons. Survey on the operation of beauty salons in China from 2017 to 2018:

▶Profit ratio of beauty items: breast enhancement and weight loss accounted for 32.8%, spot lightening and whitening items accounted for 27.2%, basic care items accounted for 21%,SPA hydration items account for 15%, and other items account for 4%.

▶The order of priority for beauty salons to introduce beauty equipment items is: body sculpting, weight loss, blemish whitening, intelligent physical therapy, wrinkle removal, hydration, pedicure, photorejuvenation, and other items.

▶The methods and ratios of how beauty salons change their operating conditions: introduction of high-tech beauty equipment (42.6%), promotion, profit sharing, and cost increase (37.4%), introduction of high-end talents, increase of store management (12.7%), increase of service intensity (6.4%) %), hosting (0.9%).

When talking about his views on beauty equipment and traditional methods, the person in charge of a beauty equipment manufacturer in Beijing said: "The current equipment technology has improved a lot compared with previous years, and the hot spots of demand are still slimming, hair removal, freckle removal and wrinkle removal. The technical content is higher than before, the effect is more significant and longer lasting. As far as the current beauty salon is concerned, if there is no equipment, the customer will feel that the grade is relatively low. In this era of complete competition, the operation of the beauty salon must have its own characteristics , can survive for a long time, and hardware equipment is an important aspect that reflects the operating characteristics of beauty salons.”

Four advantages of beauty equipment:
(1) For the intelligent operation of beauty equipment, it does not need to cost too much to train the beautician to operate the beauty equipment. Simple operation, easy to use.
(2) The customer has been doing beauty treatment for many years, and the traditional beauty modelIt is already difficult to meet the needs of customers, so it is necessary to use equipment to improve the nursing effect and increase new items in beauty salons.
(3) High-tech and intelligent instruments, combined with avant-garde skin management, get rid of the shackles of traditional beauty models, and make customers feel like a tall beauty place.
(4) Simplified instrument operation allows beauticians to have more time to communicate with customers, and the benefits of increasing product sales are obvious.

Disadvantages of beauty equipment:

The price is expensive, and the general beauty equipment is expensive, which is very expensive for low-cost beauty salons. At the same time, some equipment that has nothing to do with quality is not only harmful to repairing the skin.

As the saying goes, real kung fu is the last word", no matter how good the beauty equipment is, it will save time and energy. You are the person who eats this bowl of rice, where can you find out your kung fu? Regardless of the influence of beauty salons on the external environment, for beauty salons, the professional level and beauty skills of beauticians are the key to the success of attracting customers and retaining customers.

Some senior experts in the beauty industry believe that no matter how good the equipment and instruments in beauty salons are, they are just machines after all, and the service experience brought to customers by beauticians' beauty technology is irreplaceable. In beauty salon services, beauty technology accounts for a large proportion. They demonstrate the performance of the beautician's high competence or not.

Therefore, even though high-tech beauty equipment is so popular, many beauty salon owners will still spend a lot of manpower and material resources to train beauticians in beauty techniques to make them more professional and skilled.

After all, when our beauticians provide one-on-one service to customers, they use techniques to convey the comfort of massage techniques, speed and speed, and different strengths required by customers. Beauticians need to control themselves. The process itself It is a great enjoyment for customers to serve the beauty industry.

At the same time, the beauty techniques are also related to the judgment of the beauty salon owners recruiting beauticians. If you don't have diamonds, don't take this porcelain job.

For beauty parlors, there is no difference in pros and cons between beauty equipment and traditional methods. The beauty equipment has good effects, short time, and standardized operations. The technique of beauty combined with skin-beautifying products uses the dexterous hands of the beautician to bring comfort to the body and mind of customers. The enjoyment of both can be said to have their own strengths.

Therefore, combining the advantages of both, common development is the best way!

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