How much do you know about beauty equipment-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

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How much do you know about beauty equipment-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

How much do you know about beauty equipment-Beijing Zhenhuimei Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

As a new beauty project, although some customers who have done instrument beauty have realized that the effect of beauty equipment is good and fast, there are still some people who have doubts in their hearts, thinking that simple high-cost beauty equipment will not have any obvious effect , there may be side effects and sequelae. In fact, it's all because they don't know much about the beauty equipment industry and the resulting misunderstandings. Next, let the beauty equipment editor take you to see what a beauty instrument is.

Since the 1990s, scientific and technological professionals and professional technical equipment in the fields of medicine, chemistry, electricity and optics have entered the beauty industry, thus bringing more raw materials, equipment and high technology to the beauty industry. Beauty equipment is a product of high technology. From the simplest ultrasonic beauty instrument to laser black face doll and electronic ray radio frequency beauty instrument, they are full of innovation and development of science and technology. Even the simplest ultrasonic beauty equipment has gone through several generations, and the effect is becoming more and more perfect. The progress of science and technology has carried the "guts" for beauty equipment, making the beauty equipment developed by high technology finally return to easy operation. This is the advantage of technological progress, which always saves the beneficiaries a lot of trouble.

How should beauty salons choose beauty equipment?
·Choose well-known brands and regular manufacturers, and carefully check whether the manufacturer's business license, production certificate and other documents are complete.
·See if there is perfect technical training ability and effective marketing plan.
· Check whether they have the ability to undertake after-sales service matters, and whether the after-sales follow-up service to customers is timely and effective.
· For imported beauty equipment, no matter whether the spare parts and accessories of the equipment can be provided, it is necessary to know the price of replacement spare parts in the future.
· How is the scientific and technological innovation ability of beauty manufacturers, and whether they have perfect new product development and innovation capabilities.

Requirements for operation of beauty equipment
1. The surface of the instrument should be kept clean. It is best to cover it with velvet cloth or gauze when not in use to avoid floating dust. Relevant instrument accessories such as: camera, patch, shovel head, battery pack, etc. must be cleaned by one person multiple times. When cleaning, they must be wiped with a dry towel or a wet towel that has been shaken off. Do not wash it by hand.
2. The operator should not press keys casually or with too long fingernails, because many dashboards use soft keys, and the soft keys are made of fragile materials, so they are easy to cause breakage.
3. The operator should pay close attention to the upper and lower parts of the interface between the instrument and accessories. Often, touch ports are damaged by neglected letters and insertion of hands.

Common sense of beauty equipment maintenance
1. Beauty equipment should notPlace in damp, direct sunlight, flammable and explosive places to prevent damage.
2. After the operation, the power supply must be turned off, otherwise the equipment will be burned out, which will directly reduce the service life of the equipment.
3. It is strictly forbidden to pull and rotate any cables and accessories to prevent the switching power supply wire from breaking, and any instrument and equipment cannot be immersed in water.
4. Cosmetics used at the same time must be used in accordance with the post requirements of the equipment instructions, for example: cameras, patches, and shovels must not be in contact with dry or rotten skin care products.

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